Why You Should Buy Multiple Domain Names

buy multiple domains

If you’re a business owner and want to save your online brand from your competitors and build your solid online presence with excellent SEO, then you are landed on the right page. Let’s apply these things and rank your business in the top searches by understating the top reasons why you need multiple domain names.

Typo Mistakes

According to research by CompTIA, human errors and mistakes are one of the most significant sources of data breaches, and it is the root cause behind 52% of security breaches. So, considering the fact, they will also write URLs with typo mistakes in the browsers. It is the main reason why proactive digital marketers and company owners register domain names that cover the possible misspellings of your brand name. Then you can easily redirect them to the main website even if they are writing misspelled brand names. For example, Google has registered multiple domains like Googel.com and Gooogle.com and has diverted to their actual page.

If you’re not sure how people search your brand and made mistakes, then you can check these words by logging into the Google Search Console. Click on your website property (if you have added it before; otherwise, add the property first), navigate the Search Traffic drop-down on the left, and open Search Analytics. Now, you can check all the queries people have used to find your business website, and you can register a recurring domain name misspelled. As I advised you in the earlier section, you can then redirect all misspelled domain names to the home page of your actual website.

Protect your Brand

In this digital world full of competitors, you must have to register multiple domain names for your business website to protect and strengthen your brand in the following ways:

  • Competitors are trying all possible ways to confuse your potential clients, including registering a similar domain. So, you have to stop these copycats from redirecting your traffic.
  • If you are going to launch a new brand, you have to register new and old domain names to get your website visitors to the right page. Finalize your new website and redirect your old one to the new business brand.

Search Engine Optimization

More than one domain name for a single business can also improve the overall ranking in the Google SERP results. It is crucial to note that registering several domain names of your business should be redirected to your primary website homepage 301 redirects good for SEO.

According to SEO professionals, business owners create a Robots.txt file and an XML sitemap that will help search engines index your website quickly. Moreover, 301 SEO redirects from multiple domains (either registered your own or purchased) domains to the homepage (a singular destination) make it even easier for your website to be indexed appropriately.

If you apply redirects, then Google will not penalize you for content duplication. I have provided the link above to another article where the complete step-by-step information has been explained.